Service Package: Essential Roots

For the new business
owner or solopreneur

$350.00/month and up

(Up to 70 Transactions)
Bank Reconciliation
(1 Checking, 1 Savings, 1 PayPal)
Credit Card Reconciliation
(1 Credit Card Account)
Monthly Reports
Prepare Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement
Monthly Client Support
Email/Phone and Client Meet-Up (Once Monthly)
Year-End Tax Package
Note: Remote Pricing using QuickBooks Online Product

Add QuickBooks Online Product Monthly
(QuickBooks Online Subscription may have periodic sale pricing - Ask for Details!)

QuickBooks Online (Essentials)
+$26.95 Per Month

(Up to 3 simultaneous users. May work for some businesses, please ask for details)

QuickBooks Online (Plus)
+$39.95 Per Month

(Up to 5 simultaneous users, Inventory, 1099, Purchase Orders, Etc.)

All packages are listed at starting prices for Remote Bookkeeping Services using QuickBooks Online Product.
Pricing Model shows where most generally fall into for pricing.
Prices may vary depending on transaction details and volume.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Extra Services can be added to any package for an additional charge and agreed upon in advance by Oak Tree Owl Bookkeeping and the client.

Payroll Services can be added to any package for an additional charge starting at $150/month. Payroll will be processed through a 3rd Party Payroll Company.